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From Mong Cai to Nam Can

"Never has the face of humanity been shown in such a positive light than through this event which has touched the lives not only of the onlookers who have covered the length of Vietnam but also the participants, myself and my crew, who have been moved by the generosity, the physical support and the spirit of the people," Pat Farmer

The purpose of the run

1. To raise money through the Australian Red Cross for clean water and sanitation projects in Vietnam
2. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the friendship agreement between Australia and Vietnam.
3. To inspire


”Ordinary people can do extraordinary things if only they have purpose and belief in themselves and there can be no greater purpose than to change lives and in some cases save lives through bringing the most basic of needs, Clean drinking water and clean sanitary conditions to those in need”

In a quest to raise funds for the International Red Cross, Pat ran the length of Vietnam and shared his inspiring journey every step of the way with audiences around the world. Pat uncovered the sights, sounds and smells of Vietnam during an extraordinary expedition from December 2012 - January 2013. 

Pat ran approximately 3000 kilometers, for 40 days, running two marathons per day with no days off. After reaching the Southern most Province Ca Mau , Pat then spent 3 days to Jet-ski along the Mekong Delta back up to Ho Chi Minh City Harbour (Nha Rong).

Over 6 incredible weeks, Pat Farmer captivated us all with this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. With every sunrise, a new story, a new adventure and a new experience will unfolded. Vietnam offers such incredible diversity of landscape, such colourful, rich and distinctive sounds, flavours and sights.

The Road I Travel

The full documentary of Pole to Pole Vietnam
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