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Pat's relay team complete 500km in Uganda for the Love Mercy Foundation

From Entebbe to Lira

5 days


17-21 November 2019

Entebba to Lira Map.jpg

Pat Farmer joined forces with the Love Mercy Foundation's Julius Achon, and invited four other runners, Luca Turrini, Matt Farmer, Justin McDonald and Kate McDonald to run in relay from the south to the north of Uganda.

The purpose of the run

"My aim was to raise $100,000 for the Love Mercy Foundation's Cents for Seeds Program. This program's purpose is to empower women in Uganda to provide for their families through seed loans." Pat Farmer 


Meet Colleen! She’s been widowed for 13 years since her husband passed away in the war. Colleen has raised 6 sons on her own, and through her hard work in Cents for Seeds she has been able to support them. This year, she harvested 400kg of crop from her initial 30kg loan! It allowed her to buy an Ox-plow, which will help with growing her crop next year! Her grandchildren will not have to worry about food, with this Grandmama in a position to support them.

Colleen Cents For Seeds.jpg
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